Questions for July 22nd:

This page lists some of questions that may be used during #EdBookTalk for the July 22nd Twitter chat.  If a question has an image that goes along with it, the image is below the question.  If you think of any questions that you believe we should use, please leave it as a comment on this page! 

Q1: How can assessment of T candidates be made free of the cultural biases that can serve to eliminate otherwise qualified T candidates?



Q2: “Good teaching is not thought of the same way in all communities.” How does this impact certification and teacher selection issues?


Q3: What’s more important: the teaching of skills and content or the creation of “affiliations” and the meeting of student needs? Why?

Q4: On page 144, Delpit asks this question of assessors of teachers.  What are your thoughts?






Q5: How do we begin the important task Delpit discusses here:




Q6: [1/2] Delpit points out that “black boys are unduly penalized in regular classrooms” and “disproportionally assigned” to SPED.


Q6: [2/2] Why do you think this is, and what can be done about it?




Q7: If this is true, how do we overcome this sentiment?





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